Google Adwords PPC Management Automation Based on Adwords Scripts platform. From 99$ a month!

Google took over half of the world’s search advertising spend in 2015, as digital advertising spend reached $170.85bn. According to figures released by eMarketer, Google took over 55% of search advertising spend, followed by Baidu with 8.8% of the worldwide search advertising market. Overall, search advertising reached $81.59 bln last year.

Paid media marketing landscape has become increasingly complex. The frequency of search engine algorithms and development changes continue to accelerate. Google PPC Marketers demand more integrated channel capabilities.

Automating paid media campaign management lowers skilled labor costs and improves efficiency and productivity by providing the following benefits:Hands_Free_PPC_Features_1






  • Workflow Efficiency

Workloads can reach unmanageable levels when you have to manage site links, product extensions, retargeting, and support for Facebook and other social marketing platforms in addition to managing ad groups, ad copy, keyword lists, and bids. An automated paid media platform can simplify day-to-day campaign management and reporting.

  • Increased Productivity

By freeing up time spent on arduous manual tasks such as managing keywords, bids, and campaigns, search marketers can spend more time on the creative aspects of their campaigns: the work that drives conversions — such as testing ad creatives or landing pages.

  • Integrated View of Digital Marketing

As the breadth of paid media channels increases, advertisers need a more holistic view of their campaigns across channels. Automating campaign management can lead to a more seamless integration of first- and third-party digital and offline data through integrated campaigns in search, mobile, display/retargeting, and social media.

  • Improved Campaign Performance

Paid media technology optimizes bidding, potentially increasing performance and campaign ROI through a more intelligent allocation of dollars. To reap these benefits, marketers need to evaluate platforms carefully to find the best fit and the one they determine will not only improve campaign performance but also increase efficiency.

  • Streamlined Reporting

Reporting functions and capabilities are built into most paid media campaign management platforms, reducing the amount of time spent on (and errors that can creep into) manual reporting. Automated reporting can be a huge benefit for agencies that must report to multiple clients with different needs, and for marketers who create internal reports. In addition, automated triggers can alert an account group to a sudden dip or spike in sales so that appropriate and timely action can be taken.

  • Scalability

Many marketers find that their paid media marketing programs are growing and becoming more time-consuming without automating manual tasks. Most platforms are built to handle the uploading and management of millions of keywords across search engines, as well as management of multichannel campaigns in social media and display advertising.

Virtually every PPC management platform licenses its technology on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. The vendor hosts the technology and customers log into a cloud-based dashboard to utilize the system. Customers license the use of the technology on a monthly basis although the majority of vendors require an annual contract.

Because of the increasingly complex nature of data integration and the varying levels of service required, few vendors publish their fee structures. However, it is typically based on 4-15% of ad spend, with the percentage decreasing as the spend increases, plus some fixed setup fees. This fee structure is acceptable for relatively big companies and ad agencies; however, it is questionable for many small and medium-size businesses worldwide. SMBs are willing to trade some of the advanced enterprise-class features for lower fees if a third-party PPC management system can address their most pressing needs for Google Adwords campaign management.


Why HandsFreePPC Stands Out from the Competition?


(click the image below to see HandsFreePPC system dashboard demo)


HandsFreePPC Adwords Scripts Management Solution is designed to meet the growing SMB marketplace demand (and beyond) by offering the following advantages in comparison to the majority of its competition starting at only 99$ per month:


  • Flexible PPC Management Algorithm: based on target ROAS rather than fixed Cost-Per- Acquisition.
  • Layers of Optimization: shorten the complete PPC account optimization cycle by several times compared to other vendors’ solutions.
  • Uses Google’s Servers for a fast, reliable and secure operation, thus eliminating the need for an expensive and secure third-party server platform.
  • No need for Google API Credits: runs on a free Google Adwords Scripting platform.
  • Fast Integration of Google Updates: Any changes or updates to the operation algorithms are implemented and tested several times faster than any third-party tools (see p.3 above).
  • Fastest, Secure Installation and setup: compare and see!
  • Very Short Learning Cycle: intuitive and simple options setup.
  • Create Complete Optimized Structure of unlimited new PPC campaigns in minutes.
  • Comprehensive Adwords Report Generation: Export for any custom visual representation, instantly – not tied to hard-coded default reports.
  • Create and A/B Tests for New Ads - fully unattended.
  • Bid Optimize by Device and Location.
  • Set Separate KPIs for Each Campaign using Campaign Labels.
  • SKU Customization: Update shopping campaigns’ ad groups and product groups by individual SKU.
  • Run Complete SKU-level Shopping Performance Reports with all available metrics reporting (including all benchmark and analytics parameters).
  • Generate Comprehensive Account Audit Reports with our proprietary scoring algorithm and added-value manual input.
  • Completely Scalable, Flexible Architecture: add new modules, features and algorithms faster than any other solution on the market.
  • Integrate Group Collaboration using the control dashboard, data and reports stored on Google Drive’s secure cloud system.
  • Benefit from Google Scripts new add-on features and capabilities as soon as they become available.
  • Integrate Third-Party Partner Adwords Scripts faster and easier with our open-architecture system.
  • Pricing Designed for SMBs: Low monthly management fee, NO setup fees, NO commissions on monthly spend.
  • Easy Integration with Enterprise-Level Systems: integrate with the most popular ad management and business intelligence systems, such as Omniture, Adobe and Tableau.




  • Generate Account-Wide Keywords Report Grouped by Automatically Set Keyword ‘Tokens’ (Common words or word combinations)
  • Main Daily Keyword Bidding with Proprietary-Developed Algorithm (Bid to target ROAS or CPA) Rules defined by specific Campaign Label
  • Main Daily Keyword Bidding using Proprietary-Developed Algorithm (Bid to target ROAS or CPA)
  • New Text Ads Creation for Existing Ad groups, using Adwords best-converting search queries report
  • Time of Day and Day of Week Update of Keyword Bids according to conversion performance
  • Comprehensive Adwords Reports Generation at Preset Frequency Period (Part 1)
  • Degrading Keywords Report Generation
  • Comprehensive Adwords Reports Generation at Preset Frequency Period (Part 2)
  • PLA Campaign Module: New Search Campaign Setup Using Products Feed (In Excel or CSV format) including custom-configured Text Ad Templates with dynamic ad parameters
  • Set Mobile Campaign-Level Bid Modifiers by Target CPA Performance
  • Set Mobile Campaign-Level Bid Modifiers by Geotarget and Conversion Performance
  • Set Mobile Bid Modifiers according to ROAS Performance
  • Generate and Analyze Weighed Quality Score Reports for all Account Entities (campaigns, ad groups, keywords)
  • Keyword Bid to Specified Target Position Algorithm (Best used if no conversion tracking is set.)
  • Manage Realtime Campaign Budgets to meet Planned Monthly Campaign Spend Goal
  • Pause Overspending Adwords Entities (campaigns, ad groups, keywords) at a pre-set frequency period
  • Apply ‘Creation Date’ Labels to Newly-Created Adwords Entities (campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads)
  • Check Anomalies in Adwords Account (Unusual spikes in high/low daily spend, click volume, impressions, etc.)
  • A/B Ad Testing using Custom KPI Metrics when pre-defined statistical significance traffic metric is accumulated. (Default is Profit per Impression.)
  • Automated Functionality Check of all Campaign Destination URLs at pre-defined time intervals, daily
  • Shopping SKU-Level Ad groups and Product Groups Creation and hourly bids updating
  • Shopping SKU-Level Detailed Report Generation: Compares all performance and benchmarking metrics for three different time periods in a consolidated report
  • Semi-automated 75-Point Adwords Account Audit Checklist script with supporting stats reports generation

Brief process of our pay per click campaign

  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Pay Per Click Search Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Set-up
  • Ad Creative Development
  • Development and Landing Page Optimization
  • ROI Tracking and Bid Management
  • Analysis and Campaign Management

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